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  • DRTC is the only Journal available, devoted exclusively to DRT cases.

  • DRTC published in monthly parts provides in full text, the most systemic access to cases by the Supreme Court, High Courts, DRAT & DRT's.

  • DRTC is a current record of the latest substantive cases on the DRT Auction Sale, Bank & Customer, Banking Frauds, Cheating, Banking relating to Companies, Partner-ship, Proprietorship, Central & Financial Corporation Act, Dishonour of Cheques, Debt Laws, Embezzle-ment, Hypo-thecation. Interest Act, Selected cases under Banking Regulation Act, Negotiable Instruments Act, BIFR, AAIFR, MRTP Commissions, SEBI, SICA, State Recoveries of Dues Act and several Allied Act making this an essential reading for Practitioners, Financial Institutions, Banks, Corporate Sector wth an invaluable reference source of developments in matters related to the above topics.

  • Fast access to information.

  • Each issue contains up to 20 decisions with full text every Judgment.

  • Almost all reportable / non-reportable judgements, decisions delivered by Debt Recovery Appellate Tribunals and DRT's.

  • Cases are clearly presented ith catch words and concise head notes summarizing the judgments clearly and accurately.

  • Cross - references are given to other major legal decisions delivered by the Supreme Court & various High Courts. Accurate Case Reporting of land mark case, with topical Index, Subject Index & Important Law Point and the background of the case, the judgement given and a list of case referred to in the Judgement.

  • A News & Reviews section - provides an in-depth access to the latest on matters relating to Debt Recovery Laws.

  • Articles and Questions & Answers written by leading practioners of this field provide a bird eye view of the discussions of current issues relating to Debt Recovery matters.

  • The index is divides into 4-parts to make reference to this journal, reader friendly.

  • STATUTES section included in each issue contains the relevant Acts of Parliament, Rules, Notifications, Orders to update the readers with the latest on law.

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  • Over 1500 pages per year.
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